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Intellectual Property is not real property (such as land), or personal property (chattels such as a bracelet). It is intangible, and thus far more difficult to protect from theft and misuse. Your intellectual property can easily be stolen by third parties, so you must protect it. Businesses protect their intellectual property through the use of trade secrets (such as the formula to a soft drink), trademarks, trade names (business names such as "Smith Hutchison"), and copyright (the written content, graphics, and photos in this web site). Every business person should know how and when to protect their Intellectual Property so that no one else can profit by wrongfully using it. We can help you do this. Artists must also protect their work while looking after their professional careers. Whether one is a musician, songwriter, actor, model, or are involved in any other of the arts or entertainment industries, or the WWW, we can can help you protect your property. Inventors can protect their inventions through patents, which are registered with the Federal government. We can advise you on designing and implementing business organizations, contracts, financial arrangements, union negotiations, producer services and protecting your intellectual property.


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